Travel Goals

  1. Visit my family's hometown in Barbados
  2. See the northern lights from an igloo in Finland (in progress... January 2018)
  3. Take a tour of North Korea (in progress... August 2017)
  4. Go on a gondola ride in Venice, with someone I love
  5. Motorcycle up the west coast of Latin America
  6. Take a trip to Cuba
  7. Surf J-Bay
  8. Live for a while in Bali
  9. Go sand surfing in Dubai
  10. Visit Australia
  11. Sleep in a capsule hotel in Japan (in progress... August 2017)
  12. Go to Croatia
  13. Surf in Morocco
  14. Road trip across the US
  15. Travel to South Africa by land
  16. Go to Antarctica with a crazy Dutch guy with mad hair
  17. Visit Myanmar with Charlie-Nutella

Life Goals

  1. Bungee jumping 
  2. Skydiving
  3. See fireflies 
  4. White water rafting
  5. Walk behind a waterfall
  6. Go to an overnight festival
  7. Skinnydipping
  8. Stay in a tree house hotel
  9. Swim with wild dolphins
  10. Join the mile high club
  11. Hatch and count turtles
  12. Surf a barrel
  13. Live abroad for a year (at least!)
  14. Open a hostel
  15. Learn to sail
  16. Abseil down a waterfall
  17. Go dogsledding
  18. Get a tattoo
  19. Learn to dive (and get my qualification)
  20. Go freediving
  21. Ride horses on a beach
  22. Fly on a trapeze
  23. Ride a jetski
  24. Train to be a yoga teacher