10 Hours in Beijing International Airport

10 Hours in Beijing International Airport

10 Hours in Beijing International Airport (T3)

Co-written by Josie Rollin.

Last time I was in China, it took me 32 hours to get here. This time it took me 10, but left me with a 10 hour stopover before the next 10 hour flight to Melbourne. Luckily, I found a buddy: an Australian currently living in London, who also had a ridiculously long stopover. Yay to cheap deals!


Here’s our top 10 list of things to do and places to go when you’re stuck in Terminal 3.

  1. Lounge on a sun lounger for a few hours to accustom yourself to the airport. If you're here at the right time you will see a smoggy sunset.img_3507
  2. Try and sneak into the lounge for the people who don’t travel in trackies and jumpers. Give up halfway up the stairs. Dress to impress – we didn’t.img_3508
  3. Take a trip to the toilets. 1 out of 5 will flush itself, so choose carefully or risk being flushed upon.img_3509
  4. Consider purchasing a storage case in the bathroom. Everyone can see in, but only you can unlock it. Useful for storing your pregnancy test (bottom right) or your post-its and pens (top middle).img_3510
  5. Find yourself in one of the temples which are sprinkled between the Costas and the Duty Free. If you can’t see China itself, it’s a good photo opportunity to show off on Instagram.img_3511
  6. Look at the fountain. During operational hours only. 0900-1700.img_3512
  7. Ponder the story behind this sign. Maybe write a poem about it.img_3513
  8. Berate yourself for not downloading a VPN before you arrived. Calm your social media addiction by looking at this peaceful vase that you'd like to take a photo of for Facebook. Post it later.img_3514
  9. Try and visit Cathay House. Closed for the holidays.img_3516
  10. Take a nap for the rest of your time on these comfortable circular sofas. Fear not, you won’t miss your flight, you’ll be woken up by flight announcements every 2-3 minutes.img_3506

All in all, it’s a pretty good airport, although lacking in duty free apple flavour cigarettes and things to do anytime after 5pm.

(11.) Cry a bit about the formatting of this blog post, then get over it because ten hours is nearly up and we've got planes to catch... AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

2 thoughts on “10 Hours in Beijing International Airport

  1. Long layovers are the worst in airports when you don’t have much local currency to go out and explore the nearest city for a few hours or if the airport seriously lacks in bars/restaurants for you to watch sports for a few hours. Oh well. At least you made the most of your time here. Funny post!

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